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Dear Retirees and your Family Members:

This website describes the Western Teamsters Welfare Trust Health and Welfare Plan for Retirees. It contains the Planís Benefit Booklet (Summary Plan Description), which includes eligibility rules, a definition of eligible dependents, a detailed description of the benefits provided, the continuation rights available through COBRA, the claims and appeal procedures used by the Plan, and other information.

The benefits available through this Plan are funded by an allocated portion of employer contributions made on behalf of current active employees and by the self-payments required of eligible retirees and dependents. The negotiated contributions and self-payments are paid into the Trust which then provides your benefits. The Trust is managed by a joint labor-management Board of Trustees whose services are voluntary and without compensation from the Trust. The Board of Trustees designs and administers the benefit programs.

This Plan provides a benefit program for Non-Medicare eligible retirees and spouses (i.e. early retirees) and a separate benefit program for Medicare-eligible retirees and spouses. Dependent coverage is also provided. Given the value and scope of benefits provided, the rules governing the Plan are extensive. We encourage you and your family to read the benefit booklet carefully to become familiar with your benefit entitlements and how to obtain them.

The Trustees provide benefits to the extent that monies are currently available to pay the costs of these benefits. Benefits are not guaranteed to continue indefinitely. Pursuant to the terms of the underlying Trust Agreement, the Trustees are vested with the authority to determine the benefits to be provided and the conditions of eligibility, and to make such changes, on the basis of actuarial principles, as they may determine including, if necessary, the termination of the Trust.

If you would like further information or assistance, please call or write your Area Administrative Office. You will find a list of the Area Administrative Offices and telephone numbers in the Important Contacts section of this website.

Sincerely, Board of Trustees Western Teamsters Welfare Trust



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